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"Coastal Serenity" Gift Set


This handmade gift set is the perfect gift to help promote peace, serenity and fresh calm into your life.

Each set contains:
☆ A beeswax candle with lavender and baby's breath
☆ An upcycled lavender and lemon scented candle
☆ A pot of loose "Peace & Purity" incense
☆ Seashells
☆ A pouch of "Peace & Putity" herbal blend
☆ A larimar, blue lace agate and opalite crystal bracelet (non-hypoallergenic metal)
☆ A "Serenity" herbal roller oil, with jojoba oil base and lavender, lemon, peppermint and jasmine essential oils
☆ A pouch of crystals including raw blue calcite, agate, clear quartz, kunzite and rose quartz

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